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Jochem Zeeman

Meet Jochem Zeeman: Recruitment Consultant Social Advertising at Finest People Amsterdam.

Looking for a new challenge, but haven’t straightened out yet what you really want? Then you’ll probably get in touch with Jochem. He is eager in finding out which role fits best with your ambitions, competences and with you as a person.

Jochem Zeeman

Consultant Social Advertising & -Content

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Finding the right synergy can be a difficult process, one that might require a catalyst to get the ball rolling. The need for improving yourself is the driving force behind this. For which you can choose the trigger.


Analyzing and determining one’s real needs, while trying to find a perfect fitting solution is the way I work, no mass production, but focus on the individual. Personally I found my synergy in combining working-out, passion for life and my job, finding this balance drives me to keep improving myself.